Batlow Apple Blossom Festival

Batlow Apple Blossom Festival

I met the crew in Batlow for this one, and it’s more exciting than you may realise to see the truck and trailer arrive and get ready to unload.

The additional 5 minis that couldn’t be transported by the truck were driven up by volunteers, so what at first seemed like my old man Dave and Frosty. Quickly became what appeared to be a small army, ready to assist in unloading some of the more unique vehicles.

Its then when you start to really do the maths. Theres 9 vehicles which means if you want to move them all together you need 9 people. Those 9 people often come as couples or families which then becomes 18 or more people. Delivery and setup becomes a real event in itself. If this collection continues to grow the little shade Doug’s currently using just wont cut it.

Back to the day itself, I have to say that the Apple Blossom Festival is not only in a beautiful part of the country but is also very well organised and attended.

I think I can speak for everyone who attended in our little posse when I say we all had a fantastic time and will defiantly make the effort again next year!


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