is a site dedicated to the mini collection of Doug Martin, Tumut.

Doug has been collecting minis for over 25 years, and has been admiring them for countless more. His collection currently consists of a few classic mini minors, and a few more unique minis which he has personally customised or acquired and restored.

Check out the collection by accessing the buttons above, or click any of the images below to see enlarged photos, write-ups and Doug’s Blog.

If you want to contact doug, or send him photos to add to the Mini photo gallery, contact him below or Via the contact page.

Thanks for visiting! was built primarily for Doug to show of his ever-growing collection of minis, but it is also made to help document these wonderful machines and his adventures with them. We endeavour to place useful information and tools here so you can maybe even learn a little about these strange creations while your here 🙂


One mans Mini Madness
02 Nov

Popemobile Papers

The Popemobile Original Service document. Popemobile-papers

02 Nov

High Top Article

An Article from Mini Experience (Jan 2010) all about the Hi-Top (one of my latest acquisitions). Hi-Top

02 Nov

Ungarie Mini Run

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