This Mini as you can tell by looking at it is already fairly unique, what makes it even more special is that unlike most of the other local examples this one was modified on purchase from the dealer in the UK.


Doug was lucky enough to pick this one up from a SA mini fan and has had the motor reconditioned and the whole vehicle has been re-sprayed and refurbished.



  • Royal Blue.
  • 998cc engine.
  • Working passenger wiper.
  • Fully custom built by Modern Vehicle Constructors (UK).
  • Engineered and registered as a disabled transport vehicle.
  • UK Model non removable front grill sliding windows etc.
A unique part of Doug’s collection, this wheelchair transport vehicle if affectionately referred to as the Popemobile.

The Wolseley is one of four MK III’s in the country. The Wolseley has a “real” boot and is often referred to as a “Mini Limousine”

Purchased ;  13/3/09

Year ;          1966

Colour ;       Ceramic green  White roof

Engine ;       998

Gearbox ;    4 Speed No syncro in 1st gear

FEATURES: Standard

  • 210mm longer than the standard mini
  • Hydrolastic suspension
  • Concealed door hinges
  • Push button door handles
  • Heater
  • Woodgrain dash panel
  • Leather seats
  • Carpet and soundproofing
  • Eyeball fresh air vents
  • Wolseley grill and extra chrome
  • Chrome dress rims and hubcaps



Genuine 30,000 miles

Was stored for 13 years and is from the Trevor French collection

The Wolseley Hornet was a model that Doug had been looking for, for a long time and this is a fantastic example.


  • Purchased July 2007
  • Leyland Moke 1977 Californian
  • 998cc Engine
  • Fully Restored
  • Original 4 Seats
  • 4 Spead Gearbox
  • Sunrasia Wheels
  • Canary Yellow
The Moke is a fantastic all original mini-moke, which in itself makes it a bit special, as the majority of Doug’s collection is heavily modified.

The mini-vans are a couple of the classic style minis in Doug’s collection. The vans are easily distinguished by their colour – the first is canary yellow, the second is a sunset orange (pictured right).

Features (Orange van):

  • Sunset orange exterior
  • 1100cc engine.
  • Corsair mag wheels.
  • Fully lined cargo area.
  • Sports steering wheel.
  • Red gum interior.

Features (Yellow van):

  • Canary yellow exterior
  • 1100cc engine.
  • Corsair mag wheels.
  • Fully lined cargo area.
  • Sports steering wheel.
The yellow Van was Doug’s first mini, It started life as a grey builders van and became the start of something big!

The mini-ute is another unique model in Doug’s collection, and possibly the most recognised of the set.


  • Fire engine red exterior.
  • 1275cc engine.
  • Front disk brakes.
  • Sports suspension.
  • Worked cam.
  • Short shift gearbox.
  • Sports steering wheel.
The Ute was purchased almost as is,it was a fantastic restoration that Doug jumped at when given the opportunity to purchase.

The mini-semi is a totally custom-built semi trailer model. Doug purchased the semi halfway through its development process – and is built a trailer to attach to the mini’s working turntable.


  • Canary yellow exterior.
  • 1275cc engine.
  • 10 wheel design.
  • Fully custom built.
  • Twin smoke stacks (which are the actual exhaust system).
  • Fitted air horn.
  • Sports steering wheel.
  • Working turntable and trailer.
The Semi, Was originally purchased from Victoria. It was quite an effort to engineer and register this machine in NSW.

The mini-convertible is the sleekest and sexiest mini in Doug’s collection – and often requested as an around-town car by the Martin daughters.


  • Pearl lavender exterior.
  • 1275cc engine.
  • Front disk brakes.
  • CD player.
  • Short shift gear stick.
  • Dual fuel tanks.
  • Alloy mag wheels.
  • Sports steering wheel.
From what we can piece together the convertible started life in sydney but was purchased by Doug from Bunderberg and on a trip to the Brisbane mini show met the original creator from Sydney.

This vehicle may be the last remaining example of the fiberglass roofed model

Purchased:        11/4/11

Year:                  1966

Colour:               Grey

Engine:              850cc



Standard Hightop roof, extra                                    225mm of height for couriers etc.


Believed to be a factory prototype with little oddities like rear seat pockets, sliding windows to the van area, the floor cut back to take back seats.

Since it’s time with Doug it’s been serviced, Tuned and re-sprayed. While restoration may not be complete it is defiantly in much better shape than when it arrived.



Only Midas Bronze in Australia

Purchased:   5/11/11

Year:             1983

Colour:          Black

Engine:         1275GT

Gearbox:      4speed mini with 2.9:1 diff ratio

Body:            Composite fibre



175 Built in the world between 1981-87

Imported into Australia in 2005

Engineered and registered in N.S.W

Top speed 200kph

2 Seater

6 Ltrs per 100km


Tidy up and put it with my collection

It’s a hard job to judge just which mini holds which title in Doug’s collection. It feels like every update I say things like “the weirdest” or “most unique” I think this one might just take the cake