The Wolseley is one of four MK III’s in the country. The Wolseley has a “real” boot and is often referred to as a “Mini Limousine”

Purchased ;  13/3/09

Year ;          1966

Colour ;       Ceramic green  White roof

Engine ;       998

Gearbox ;    4 Speed No syncro in 1st gear

FEATURES: Standard

  • 210mm longer than the standard mini
  • Hydrolastic suspension
  • Concealed door hinges
  • Push button door handles
  • Heater
  • Woodgrain dash panel
  • Leather seats
  • Carpet and soundproofing
  • Eyeball fresh air vents
  • Wolseley grill and extra chrome
  • Chrome dress rims and hubcaps



Genuine 30,000 miles

Was stored for 13 years and is from the Trevor French collection

The Wolseley Hornet was a model that Doug had been looking for, for a long time and this is a fantastic example.