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It starts like every Mini trip, early, too early… Apparently old people just don’t sleep, or maybe they’re just that excited!

Picture Tumut on a crisp spring morning and 4 silver topped men (Doug, Dave, Geoff and John) scuffling around in the fog that masks the frost. Trying to limber up before the lucky few get to drive a mini for 310KM.

On the road by 5:30am and we’re on our way to West Wyalong, The convoy cruises into Cootamundra almost 100KM from Tumut and everything’s going great… wait! The Wolseley has a fuel problem.

The good news is Frosty (John), has us back on the road in 10 Minutes.
We roll into West Wyalong at 9:00 for a Coffee and Fuel. This is about 3hrs overdue by Doug time. No time to muck about here, so back on the road to Ungarie.

Arrive in Ungarie at 9:50 and are greeted by a bloody horrible wind and proceed to setup shop. An hr later and we are again overdue for a coffee and a bacon and egg roll. What a bacon and egg roll! We consider a second then decide the additional weight may not bode well for our minis.

We were joined by the Condobalin Car Club which consisted of 6 cars including two minis!
As with all small country towns the show struggles to attract a lot of exhibiters due to its size but the organisation and local participation is a testament to the community.

I think we were well received and we had a great day. At 4PM we packed up and head back to our accommodation where we settled in for a meal and a few drinks, a few to many some might say…

Up bright and early on sunday morning (some brighter than others) and off the the Bowlie for breakie.
We had a great Breakfast and headed on to Temora for fuel, then Wagga for coffee.

Back into Tumut and the Minis are tucked in safe and sound by 2:30.

The end of another great weekend with a great group of people!

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