Wagga Annual Mini Show

Wagga Annual Mini Show

It all started on Friday afternoon with our first truckload (no really a truckload see out photos) of minis and the trusty red ute led the way.

We unloaded them at the Australian Homestead Motel and traveled back to Tumut to get the next load ready for saturday.

Friday Night
Another truckload and the Wolseley are ready to go.

Saturday Morning
We’re up early again for a 6:30 get away and coffee of course. We arrive in Wagga and leave the truck at the motel then headed to maccas for another coffee oh, and to catch up with the other mini folk.

We all drove to the Temora aviation museum (a total of 14 minis) and it rained most of the way there… I pity the guys in the convertibles, not that mini convertibles leak… much…

At the aviation museum we had a great reception (that was sarcasm) sadly there was basically no one there. The flights had been canceled due to the rain. We ran into our fellow mini nut Lex in Temora, had a coffee and went our seperate ways. Lex traveled back to Tumut and we traveled back to Wagga in the pouring rain.

Gloria Jean’s for one more coffee, then off to to the motel for the afternoon and dinner at the motel restaurant. 25 mini nuts from all over the state in one place. The conversation was of course about the weather…

Sunday morning
Off to bolton park with the whole collection for the show and shine along with 24 other minis (a total of 33 for the day).

1 O’clock we loaded the truck back up and managed to find enough drivers to take the extras back to the motel. Then headed back to tumut to drop some mini’s home. I Picked up Janice and headed back to Wagga for dinner at the Red Steer. Then we headed off to bed for some well earned rest.

Monday morning
We had a BBQ breakfast with the mini crew at the botanical gardens.
Then travelled back to Tumut for the last time (for this trip) with the Truck fully loaded and the Wolseley.

We had all the minis unload and back in bed by 1pm.

What a great weekend! Thanks to the Riverina Mini Club for a great time and we look forward to next years!


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